Be smart
with your geo-data

Many organizations invest heavily in acquiring geo-data.
Yet, only a few have the necessary strategies, systems, and processes needed to manage this data effectively and unlock its true value.


For over 20 years, I•GIS has been developing software solutions, services, and best-practice tools and workflows. Together, these form a GeoSmart Framework that empowers our clients to intelligently utilize their geo-data and models.


Despite the increasingly large investments in geo-data acquisition by many organizations, effectively utilizing its full potential can be challenging. Ensuring effective management and getting value from such data isn't always straightforward.

At I•GIS, we have dedicated over two decades to addressing this challenge. Explore our offerings below to see how our comprehensive suite of software solutions and services can transform your geo-data into actionable insights.


What our users say

  • "GeoCloud is more than just a place to store and share data, it is a valuable resource for users to create custom, on-demand data visualizations applicable to a broad range of issues: water, infrastructure, research, etc. Our users appreciate the rapid access to information and the interactive tools that greatly improve their understanding and enhance their decision making.”

    Jesse Korus, Associate professor

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • “ I've worked with GeoScene3D for many years, from my time at GEUS and now at the Central Denmark Region. It's been instrumental in our projects, especially when mapping buried valley structures using AEM data. I·GIS consistently delivers solutions that match the evolving demands of our geoscientific work.”
  • "“GeoScene3D has transformed our 3D geological and hydrogeological modeling in Sweden, as evidenced in regions like Gotland and Öland. Its seamless integration with AEM data and user-friendly interface significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of our geological interpretations.”

    Peter Dahlqvist, Senior Geologist

    Swedish Geological Survey


At I·GIS, our team of geologists, geophysicists, and software developers provide a wide range of specialized services.

Our experienced consultancy team can support you throughout your modeling work, including software training, best practice lectures and specialized consulting tasks utilizing Machine Learning and Multiple Point Statistics. Our developers also provide custom development for GeoScene3D and GeoCloud and can help create specialized code (e.g. Python scripts) for more in-depth data and model analysis.

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At I·GIS, we understand the importance of providing our customers - highly skilled specialists in geoscience - with state-of-the-art tools and products to support them in solving their real-world projects.

That's why we prioritize knowledge-driven development and constantly strive to push the limits of technical capabilities in our products.

To achieve this, we closely collaborate with top universities and research organizations on a variety of R&D projects. This not only allows us to stay at the forefront of the industry but also helps us to develop new theories and find innovative solutions that in turn improves our products and services for our customers.

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