Who is

I·GIS is a geoscience software company that operates within the fields of geology, soil, groundwater, and, most recently, the agro industry. Our aim is to enable users to make informed decisions based on concrete data.

Our tasks range from the development of new functionalities in our existing software and services to completely new and independent products spun out of our participation in major international research projects.

Big data
& AI

Handling large data sets – big data – is a core competency in the company and our development team works to implement artificial intelligence in our software and services.

We build bridges between researchers and users through software and technology development.

Mission and


  • 2018Services for the Agro industry

    Due to I·GIS knowledge of big data, especially spatial data, we have been involved in R&D projects developing machine learning based methods and services to help the agro industry solving plant recognition challenges. This field has grown into a new business branch.
  • 2018International cooperation

    Throughout the years, I·GIS has had customers around the world. On numerous occasions, we have engaged in international cooperation for business development and research. We've been involved in projects related to groundwater mapping in Southeast Asia, as well as promoting Danish groundwater technology in California and Germany. Furthermore, we have collaborated on publicly funded technology development projects within the EU.
  • 2017GeoCloud

    I·GIS launches GeoCloud on the market for visualizing data and 3D geological models in a web-browser. Furthermore, the system lets a user store and manage data. Today GeoCloud is becoming a business branch of its own.
  • 2013Increase in R&D projects

    Around 2012-13, I•GIS begins to participate in Research and Development projects that are partially financed with funds from various foundations. This area is constantly growing and I•GIS is currently participating in a number of both national and international research projects. The company benefits from being located close to geoscience research environments at Aarhus University and from having close contact with government organizations and agencies, e.g. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency and GEUS. Today, I•GIS is a highly specialized GIS and geoscience company that supplies services and software to a growing international customer group. The company is driven by curiosity and courage to create innovative products that benefit industry and the environment.
  • 2007GeoScene3D

    The need for tools to build geological models within the Danish Groundwater Mapping involed I·GIS in deveolping the GeoScene3D desktop modeling software. The huge amounts of geophysical data, led to new ways of modeling. I·GIS has supported this in the software and have ben enhancing the capabilities and functionalities ever since.
  • 2006Digitization of aerial photographs

    In 2006, prepartion to transform the Danish govermental structure involved I·GIS to start a digitization business to scan huge amounts of historical areal photos. To support this, services was developed to serve these photos to costumers all over Denmark. The latest addition, FlyFotos.dk, has recently been released.
  • 2005Expanding the buisness

    Over the years, the company performed various GIS services on a consultancy basis for the public sector and utilities. Gradually I·GIS got more involved in development of software products to support the groundwater mapping taking off in Denmark.
  • April 1. 2002The beginning of I · GIS

    I•GIS was founded by Niels-Peter Jensen, as a consulting company focussing on GIS services and software.