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The perfect online platform for storing and sharing your valuable geo-data.

With GeoCloud the geo-data management task has become much easier.


GeoCloud offers a centralized platform for managing, visualizing, and accessing your geoscience data and geological models. With a cloud-based infrastructure, it facilitates seamless data sharing and collaboration.


GeoCloud revolutionizes how you manage, store, and utilize your geoscience data by enhancing efficiency and preventing data loss from neglected storage or overlooked drives. It facilitates seamless collaboration on models, data sharing across geographical boundaries and streamlines workflows by reducing time spent on data conversion. This will allow you to concentrate on other productive tasks.

Easy to use

In the GeoCloud Learning Center you'll find a wide selection of video tutorials and an online Wiki-page, which will guide you through GeoCloud's functionalities.

Furthermore, we have free online support, typically answering within a few hours. No tickets or registration needed - just write us.

Integration with GeoScene3D

GeoCloud seamlessly integrates with GeoScene3D, enabling effortless access to all your data. Not only can you store and retrieve GeoScene3D projects directly through the browser, but this integration also facilitates smoother workflows for your geoscience modeling tasks.

Streamlined Data Access

View data through various visualizations like the 2D GIS map, 2D cross-sectional profiles, and a dynamic 3D viewer.

Try GeoCloud Now

Explore the GeoCloud web viewer by signing up to our Demo portal.

Customized Solutions:

 Our team is dedicated to develop GeoCloud to meet unique organizational needs. Should you have specific functionality requests or integration requirements, we're here to tailor the platform accordingly.

For more insights into how GeoCloud can revolutionize your geoscience data management, reach out to us.


Store and visiualize your geo-data on the web, sharing them with selected users or the public. Data can be visualized on maps, cross sections and in 3D. GeoCloud also allows access to data directly from GeoScene3D, allowing for fast access to geo-modelling.


Our subscription option is flexible and scalable to fit your needs.

GeoCloud's pricing is tailored to its value for the users, measured by site activity and data/model storage. Our tiered pricing structure starts at 5000  per year, ensuring flexibility and scalability to fit your needs.

Three Pricing Tiers 

GeoCloud employs a tiered pricing structure with three distinct levels: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise, each offering progressively more site activity and data/model storage. 

Customized Pricing 

GeoCloud also offers a custom pricing options, tailored to meet unique requirements and specific business needs. Contact us for a personalized solution that aligns perfectly with your organisation's scale and scope.

Municipality Discount 

We offer special discounted pricing for municipalities and other  small administrative entities, featuring tailored storage and site activity options at reduced rates. 


System Requirements

To use GeoCloud, all you need is a reliable internet connection and a web browser.

More Information

Contact us directly at: or stop by our GeoCloud Learning Center to learn more.


Explore the GeoCloud web viewer by signing up to our Demo portal.

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