For farmers and

The perfect platform for finding, mapping, interpreting and understanding your weed distributions.

Fast processing of images and weed recognition in images resulting in maps for individual fields. Giving a quick and intuitive workflow allowing for fast, and data driven decision-making.

Your platform to gain insights into your individual fields weed population to make tailored herbicide treatment plans.

WHAT IS RoboWeedMaps

RoboWeedMaps is our solution for consultants and farmers for their optimization of herbicide applications.

This software analyses images from individual fields and recognizes monocotyledon and dicotyledon weeds and reveals distribution pattern. Based on this, data spraying maps tailored to individual fields can be provided which allow for the reduction of herbicides applications based on individually chosen thresholds.

Besides saving money, this approach will increase the sustainability of agriculture and as the data can be saved it also allows for documentation.


Get in touch with us to get more information and to try our service. 

Commercially this service is currently offered in Denmark in collaboration with Datalogisk and Patriotisk Selskab. You can find further information and pricing here: RWM service 


Our software solution gives you unique insights into individual fields and allows for data based decisions for optimal herbicide treatment results. Saving you money, time and herbicides.

Interesting facts

Curious about how many images have been analyzed with RWM, how many weeds have we found and in how many fields did we map the weeds? Have a look!

Weeds per image


Nr. Fields mapped


Nr. saved images

Nr. found weeds


Spend your time optimizing your treatment plans and make the best decisions with streamlined workflows and tools designed for farmers and consultants.


RoboWeedMaps has been tested and proven in diverse crops and can be used for the recognition of monocotyledon and dicotyledon weeds. Furthermore we can provide maps, after request, for thistles. Other groups of weeds are currently worked on. We are continuously working to extend our capabilities and recognize more plant groups. 


  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Winter cereals in general
  • Maize
  • Sugar beet
  • Broad bean
  • Potato
  • Spinach


  • Monocotyledons
  • Dicotyledons
  • Creeping thistle (Cirsium arvense)


Commercially this service is currently offered in Denmark in collaboration with Datalogisk and Patriotisk Selskab via Patriotisk Selskab. You can get individually tailored offers and find further information and pricing here: RWM service


1How do I order the mapping service?
Outside Denmark contact us here : Send mail!

In Denmark you can get in touch with our partners at Patriotisk Selskab and discuss your wishes and requirements with them. They can offer you tailored service.
2Which crops can be mapped?
Maize, sugar beet, Broad bean, Potato, Spinach and all kind of cereals.
3Are you open for collaboration in research projects?
Definitely. We are open for all kind of collaborations. Just get in touch with us at: so we can have a brainstorm.
4How can I get support?
Via Agro Support or use our support page. on the webpage.