Our team of consultants provides a variety of different services, and together we will find the best solution for your needs. 


Whether you need assistance with data analysis, modelling, or any other aspect of your geoscience related projects, our team of experts stands ready to assist with your next project.


At I•GIS, our consulting services are designed to provide you with the specialized support and expertise you need to meet your project goals. Whether you're seeking guidance on specific geoscientific tasks or a more comprehensive partnership, explore our range of services below to see how we can add value to your projects.


Your journey towards becoming a GeoSmart Organisation starts with the GeoSmart Scanning.

Based on a three step process we will together map your needs and end up with a roadmap towards becoming GeoSmart. 


Your Modelling Partner:

Utilize our expert consultancy services supporting your 3D modeling needs across various projects.  

Water level Maps:

We make terrain-near and aquifer-specific water level maps using your water level measurements.

MPS Modelling:

We offer an innovative technique for probabilistic 3D modelling and uncertainty assessment.


Your Extra Resource:

Let our experienced team support your organizations when additional resources are required.