GeoSmart Scanning:

The GeoSmart Scanning is the initial process of becoming a GeoSmart Organisation.

The process includes the 3 elements: Introduction to our GeoSmart framework and its different solutions; mapping of your needs; and reporting of the findings. Based on your needs, we present a set of solutions together with a roadmap towards implementing these in your department or organization.

In detail the Process covers the following steps:

  1. Introduction to the GeoSmart Framework
  2. Mapping of your Needs,
  3. GeoSmart Scanning Report

1. Introduction to the GeoSmart Framework

Based on some initial talks and our impression of your work and projects, we provide you a more thorough introduction to the different software solutions and possibilities of GeoScene3D and GeoCloud. Depending on what is most feasible in your case, this will typically be carried out as a 2-hour online session.


To get the most out of the following discussions and to be able to map your needs, it is also important that you are familiar with the different solutions and products. This will ensure a common understanding of the following process.

2. Mapping of your needs 

During a couple of meetings, we will get a better overview of how you manage your geo-data and –models in general, your workflows around making and updating 3D geological models, and how data and models are hosted and shared.

Depending on what is most feasible in your case, this will either be carried out as a visit at your office or through a set of online calls with the relevant staff – Ex. The head of department, the project leader, and the senior geologist.

The central part of the GeoSmart Scanning is to map the needs of your department or organisation. Based on the mapping we will develop a report with the findings and suggest a set of solutions and a roadmap towards the implementation of these.

3. GeoSmart Scanning Report

The final phase of the GeoSmart Scanning Process is the development of a Report. The report includes a roadmap lining out the path towards becomming a GeoSmart organisation. 

Below is an example of a roadmap towards implementing a suite of solutions from our GeoSmart FrameWork in an organisation.

This roadmap will support your organisation or division in becoming GeoSmart within a year. This is just an example - The optimal roadmap for your organisation will we develop together during the GeoSmart Scanning.

We offer
a GeoSmart Scanning
2000 EUR

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