Water Level Maps

Prepare for the future

Updated an accurate water level maps are essential when working with the water system, especially for handling surface near groundwater and groundwater in the deeper aquifers.

In some countries rising groundwater levels, due to heavy rain over longer periods, pose significant challenges for local governments, private companies, and citizens. Floodings might occur more often, especially in areas with high groundwater levels.

Understanding water behavior, on terrain and below the ground, is essential for planning to prevent or minimize the damage caused by high groundwater.

In other areas, extended periods of drought is a major challenge, drying out rivers, lakes and depleting or lowering groundwater levels in the aquifers, leading to irreversible changes in the aquifer's hydraulic properties.

With our expertise in geoscience, supported by our software solutions, I•GIS can provide the necessary tools and consultants to address these challenges. We specialize in:

💧 Aquifer-specific and terrain-near water level maps
💧 Identifying potential recharge areas
💧 Identifying sewer pipe stretches where surface near groundwater might intrude wastewater pipelines (resulting in unnecessary expensive wastewater treatment)