Voxel modelling

Voxel models are useful to handle complex geology and for fast building of a lithologic voxel model from a 3D grid, e.g., resistivity data or an existing layered model. 

GeoScene3D has a series of tools for building and visualizing voxel models. It also has several tool useful to visualize voxel models, by defining horizontal and vertical slices, isolating selected voxel types etc.

This course learns you how to build voxel models. Focus will be on hydraulic properties (hydrogeology) and we'll discuss some of the voxel models capabilities and outputs that can be generated.


Key Points

  • Voxel models in GeoScene3D
  • User Interface
  • Voxel Builder Tools
  • From layered model to voxel model
  • From geophysics til lithologic voxel model
  • Volume calculations
  • Visualization


Who should attend? 

New GeoScene3D users and users with a general knowledge of GeoScene3D.

A basic understanding of geo-data and geological models is required.

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