The intro course equips you with essential skills and knowledge for  using GeoScene3D. During the course, you will gain proficiency in setting up a GeoScene3D project, importing a variety of commonly used data types, and enhancing their visual representation. These concepts are reinforced through hands-on exercises inspired by real-world scenarios.

Upon completing the course, you will possess the ability to independently establish a project within GeoScene3D, load diverse geological data, and effectively visualize them in cross-sections, map windows, and three-dimensional views. You will also have acquired expertise in handling different data formats, including data preparation and import into GeoScene3D.

The course will walk you through practical examples of creating a straightforward project setup with relevant data, encompassing the creation of cross-sections and the preparation of a project for modeling. This includes an introduction to interpretation points and interpolation techniques for generating geologic surfaces.

Key Points

  • Software concept
  • User interface and customizations
  • Basic project setup
  • Data preparation, import and visualization
  • Creating cross sections
  • Map Windows
  • Import/export functions
  • Layout features

Who should attend? 

GeoScene3D users with no or very basic knowledge of GeoScene3D.

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