An attractive partner for R&D projects

Being an ambitious company that is growing, we are looking for new R&D partnerships. As an R&D partner, we contribute innovative IT solutions and our special mix of skills. I•GIS is based in Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city, and benefits from its close partnerships with the geological research institute at Aarhus University.   

Today our software and services are contributing solutions to global challenges. Now we wish to further strengthen our engagement.

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3D mapping models lead to clean drinking water

In partnership with the Danish research institutions GEUS and DTU, I·GIS enables geologists in developing countries with localizing groundwater. 

Developments in the GeoScene3D software enable geologists to build detailed 3D models out of large collections of data. With this, the geologists can assess the groundwater reserves. The project ERGO is partly funded by the Danish Innovation Fund and is expected to increase the demand for Danish software and expertise.  

Artificial intelligence helps the farmers

The goal for the project RoboWeedMaPS is to reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizer in agriculture by developing an advanced tool for recognizing images.

RoboWeedMaPS is an R&D project with the participation of Aarhus University and a number of Danish companies. The research partners develop instruments, software, and services that automatically recognize weed in the fields. I·GIS contributes data management and skills to developing artificial intelligence.      


Development of software to GeoSmart Cities 

I·GIS participates in an R&D project which is going to form the basis of a more sustainable way of city planning.

GeoSmart Cities aims at creating an intelligent interaction between the city and its natural basis. I·GIS contributes to the project by developing 3D software that enables visualization and exploitation of geological information for better solutions. 3D visualization of the underground will make way for better city planning, particularly when it comes to climate, energy, and infrastructure. The project is supported by MUDP and is a partnership between public and private partners.   

Digitization and 3D visualization of Aerial Photos 

Since 2006 I·GIS has digitized different county’s and municipality’s aerial photos and hosted the huge amount of data in its own facilities in Aarhus.

Aerial photos of rural areas and city centers are important resources to reach an understanding of the geographic development in a specific area. The photos are of important use in the investigation of contamination in soil and groundwater. I·GIS has developed a unique software that enables its customers to explore their archival photos in all GIS systems - even in 3D.  

Danish Ministry chooses GeoScene3D

I·GIS software has found its way to The Ministry of Environment and Food in Denmark. 

In 2016, I·GIS made a deal with The Ministry of Environment and Food in Denmark for delivery of software, development of software, and support for a period of five years. I·GIS has supported the official Danish groundwater mapping for many years and is looking forward continuing their partnership.


Digitization of photos for Danish Geodata Agency

In 2015, I•GIS scanned thousands of unique aerial photos of Greenland from the 1930s.

In the project for the Danish Geodata Agency I·GIS scanned 15.000 historical photos and registered its meta data. The original film rolls from the 1930s were made of cellulose nitrate, which can, in a worst case scenario, ignite spontaneously. The dangerous material made it necessary for I·GIS to establish scanning facilities especially for this project. The aerial photos document what has happened to the glaciers and the ice sheets in the past 80 years.