Innovative software and professional GIS consultation

I•GIS provides customers worldwide with highly specialized products and consulting services in the fields of IT and Geographical Information Systems. We create high quality products out of abstract mathematical formulas. We develop software that makes science useful to the industry.

We work with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. Our services cover geological data management and long-lasting R&D projects with research institutions. We have a global horizon and develop our products using curiosity, expertise and the courage to think differently.

Images & hosting

We offer scanning, digitizing, and geocoding of archival aerial photos. This service provides valuable insights about development in rural areas and city centers over time. This service focuses on recording changes in soil contamination, groundwater, and building permits.  

Our customers have access to their aerial photographs 24/7 through our online server. 

  • Scanning of georeferencing maps and images 
  • Delivery of WMS services
  • Historic 3D photos
  • Hosting
On our old website you can find more information, and see examples on historical images.


GeoScene3D is the de facto standard platform for 3D modeling of geological data. The software is used by a large number of public and private organizations. Our customers include government institutions, municipalities and counties, and engineering companies.   

GeoScene3D and GeoCloud enable you to build geological 3D models and share geological information with shareholders. The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food is one of our national customers and our international client base is growing.

Our consultation service provides specialized training and support for 3D modeling. It enables your company to interpret various types of data.   

  • GeoScene3D
  • GeoCloud
  • Highly quality support for our software
  • Management for geological data
  • Training in 3D geological modeling
  • Consultation services for geological modeling

GIS services

Using our knowledge with data processing and geographical information, we can solve our customer's problems. Our IT and Geoscience consultants, as well as our GIS experts help companies structure their data and extract value from comprehensive datasets. 

In partnership with Aarhus University as well as other institutions and private companies, I-GIS is part of R&D projects studying agriculture. I·GIS is focused on developing technologies that can enforce crop protection through reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizer in agriculture, benefitting both the economy and the environment.  


  • Software development, desktop and web solutions 
  • Data management and converting 
  • Consultation about GIS