I•GIS is an innovative Geoscience software company involved in various R&D projects in geology, soil, groundwater, and its latest, the field of agro. The projects range from developing new functions for GeoScene3D to creating new products and participating in large-scale international research projects.  

Our development team is working on implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning into software products. Our primary skills are data management and interpreting big data in geological and geophysical contexts. Our R&D partners include Aarhus University, The University of Copenhagen, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, SDU and The Technical University of Lund.

We connect scientists with industry practitioners through software and technology development.

International partner

We foster international cooperation with business development and R&D. One of our joint R&D projects deals with speeding up groundwater mapping of large areas and big datasets. We are also participating in a joint promotion to use Danish groundwater technology and products in California.

Our history

In 2002 Cand.scient. Niels-Peter Jensen started the I•GIS consulting agency with two employees. In the years following, the number of services and products offered increased dramatically.

The establishment of I•GIS

The consulting agency provided services in the fields of GIS, IT, and Geoscience. In the beginning I•GIS also took part in minor development projects with private and public organizations.

GeoScene3D and GeoCloud

Following Denmark’s nation-wide groundwater mapping, I•GIS was asked to develop a tool for visualizing the geographical maps online. This was the beginning of the company’s development of geological 3D modeling software, of great use to the water and groundwater sector. With the launch of GeoScene3D and later GeoCloud visualization, modeling and storage of geological data became a growing branch in I•GIS.

Digitization of Aerial Photos

In 2006, the Danish counties were looking for a way to digitize their large amount of archival aerial photos. I•GIS started scanning and digitizing aerial photos. A fast growing branch in I•GIS was emerging - and is still under development today. The huge amount of archival aerial photos were hosted in the company’s own facilities. Later, I•GIS developed a unique solution to visualize the photos in 3D.

Increasing involvement in R&D

Through the years 2012-13, I•GIS heavily increased its involvement in R&D projects financed by Danish funds. Today, the company participates in various national and international research projects. I•GIS benefits from its proximity to Aarhus University, a geological research institution, and from its close partnership with governmental organizations such as The Environmental Protection Agency and GEUS.

Today, I•GIS is a highly specialized GIS and Geoscience company that supplies its increasing number of international customers with high quality services and software. The company runs on curiosity and the courage to create valuable products that benefit both industry and the environment.