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Danish researchers and geologist rally to protect the fresh water of the world

Availability and access to clean water is a major problem in many parts of the world.
The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation is funding the project with 940.000 Euros. The project draws on knowledge from The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and the Danish geological software provider I•GIS A/S.
An often overlooked source for a stable supply of clean water is groundwater. Compared to other water resources, it takes a relatively long time for groundwater aquifers to be replenished if over-exploited or polluted.
This makes proper management of the groundwater resource an important task for administrators and legislators. Instant access to relevant, updated and accurate geological information is an essential instrument for this end.
Our project aims to combine expert geological knowledge with advanced software in a new tool that directly assists the geologist in building an accurate geological model in a fast and efficient manner.
The new software tool makes it possible to capture the knowledge a geological expert has about a specific geological setting and store it in a typological statistical template. The algorithms search, and update the template at the same time as the geologist builds the geological model. This ensures the inclusion of local variation, and facilitates fast, accurate and detailed modeling of all available data.
The more data, the more finely tuned the model.
This tool will provide both the possibility for fast interpretation of large areas and at the same time enable a geologists experienced with the particular type of background data or geological setting, to provide templates for other geologist.

For further information, please contact Geophysicist Torben Bach,
I•GIS  -  Voldbjergvej 14A, 1. sal  -  DK-8240 Risskov  -  -  Tlf: (+45) 87 31 00 80